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7 Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Alvin, TX

September 19, 2020

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Alvin, Texas, is an excellent place to settle down and raise a family, always offering its residents lots to see and do. The Texas heat and sunshine mean that you can enjoy outdoor activities anytime of the year, while the city also has quite a number of indoor attractions as well. Check out this quick list of 7 things to do with kids in Alvin, Texas.

bayou wildlife zoo

1. Bayou Wildlife Zoo

The Bayou Wildlife Zoo offers a number of exotic species your kids will love seeing up close, with a petting zoo and tram ride for guided tours. There are also pony rides for the kids if they’re feeling a bit adventurous.

2. The George Observatory

If you and the kids love astronomy or you want to get them interested in the universe around them, take them to the George Observatory. This observatory offers high-powered telescopes with a magnificent view of the stars you might miss with the naked eye, as well as lots of outdoor space for exploring nature.

3. Brazos Bend State Park

Texas is known for its alligators, which you can probably see when you visit Brazos Bend State Park! This park offers miles of trails perfect for hiking and biking, as well as marshes and ponds home to lots of alligators and other wildlife the kids are sure to love.

4. Wake Station Cable Park

If you and the kids love wakeboarding, waterskiing, or any other water sport, you must visit the Wake Station Cable Park! This water park offers lots of floating devices for swimming and diving as well as cables for making skiing and wakeboarding easier and more enjoyable for everyone in the family.

5. Tom Blakeney Jr. Hike and Bike Trail

For more outdoor fun, visit the Tom Blakeney Jr. Hike and Bike Trail. The name is self-explanatory, as this trail offers miles of space perfect for hikers and bikers, through a butterfly garden and manicured park, and next to a creek you’re sure to love.

6. Creekfield Lake

Enjoy lots of stunning nature at Creekfield Lake, where you can fish or just relax by the water’s edge. There are also trails for hiking and enjoying the sights and fresh air, and for ensuring everyone in the family gets their exercise!

7. Crocodile Encounter

If you love crocodiles, snakes, and other reptiles, you’ll love Crocodile Encounter! Part park and part petting zoo, Crocodile Encounter lets you get up close and personal with the animals, even holding snakes and baby crocs!

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