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How Much Does AC Installation in Pearland, TX, Cost?

March 13, 2020

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Your AC installation in Pearland costs vary according to the size of the unit chosen, make and model, and if you need added work such as ductwork installation or cleaning. Most residential air conditioner installation costs average around $5000, with some costs as low as $1200 and others reaching closer to $10,000 for large homes.

No matter your Pearland air conditioner installation costs, it’s vital that you choose a new AC unit as needed and rely on a professional for installation work. Consider some important information about new AC installations and when it’s time for a new air conditioner, and why this isn’t a DIY job!

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When You Need a New AC Installation in Pearland

When is it time for a new air conditioner installation versus repairs? Consider the cost of needed repairs as well as repair bills you might face in the next few years. If you might face high repair costs over the next two or three years, a new air conditioner might be a better investment overall! While you’ll probably pay a bit more for a new AC than you would repairs to your home’s current unit, a new air conditioner will typically last longer overall, making it a better long-term investment.

Older air conditioners might also struggle to cool an entire home. An old and worn motor might not deliver enough power to the blower to push cooled air through your house while an older blower also might not function as it should, so areas of your home are always hot and stuffy. In this case, an upgraded unit means consistent cooling throughout your entire house.

If you’ve made major changes to your home’s overall footprint, this might also indicate the need for a new air conditioner! A smaller unit might not have the power to push air to a new upper story or sunroom. New walls might also cut off airflow in the home so that you need a new AC unit or new air conditioning ductwork in a Pearland home.

Why Use a Pearland Heating & Cooling Company

New air conditioning installation for a Pearland home is not a DIY job! A central air conditioner compressor needs a solid concrete base under it, and a heating and cooling contractor ensures your property’s current concrete pad is in good condition and strong enough to support your new AC unit.

An air conditioner also has many parts needing connection to existing wiring, the home’s furnace, and the shut off box outside your home. Failure to connect any part correctly might result in damage to the electrical systems, a slowdown of power and brownouts, blown circuits, and other such issues.

Working with a Pearland heating and cooling contractor also ensures you choose the best unit for your new AC installation. Today’s models offer more features than ever before, including zone cooling, built-in dehumidifiers, digital readouts, and much more. Choosing the best features and the right size AC for your home ensures you’re happy with your new air conditioner for many years to come.

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How to Save on AC Installation Costs

No matter your new Pearland AC installation costs, remember that a new air conditioner is an investment in your family’s overall comfort! A hot and humid home is also at greater risk for mold and mildew growth, while an overly warm interior can contribute to drowsiness, mood disorders, and other health issues.

You can save on your AC installation costs, however, if you ask your contractor about rebates, manufacturer’s discounts, closeouts, and other such sales. In some cases, you might also be eligible for a tax incentive, if you purchase an energy-efficient air conditioner. Installing a new air conditioner in wintertime might also be cheaper than scheduling this work in the middle of summer, when AC installation contractors are often busiest!

One way you don’t want to save on AC installation costs is by choosing an undersized model. A smaller model might be cheaper to purchase but will typically cycle on more often, and run longer, just to cool your entire home. You then wind up paying more in your monthly electric bills! Avoid this risk by investing in an appropriately sized model no matter its cost.

AC Maintenance Tips

While every air conditioner breaks down and needs replacing eventually, there are many things a homeowner might do to keep their AC unit functioning and in good repair for as long as possible. Changing the home’s furnace filter often is one important step; the AC and furnace blow air through that filter before it gets pushed through the home’s ductwork, so it’s important that the filter be as clean as possible.

Keep the housing unit around the condenser clean as well. Moving parts inside that housing produce heat and rely on airflow through the grilles or coils to stay cool. When those coils are caked with leaves, twigs, dust, dirt, and other “crud,” the AC is likely to overheat and suffer excessive wear and tear.

To reduce wear on the AC unit, take advantage of indoor fans and other means of air circulation inside the home. Keep interior doors open so cool air can flow easily from room to room. Close curtains or blinds throughout the day, to reduce hot sunlight. Your AC will then cycle on less often and be less likely to break down sooner rather than later.

How to Choose a Pearland Heating and Cooling Contractor

Not every Pearland heating and cooling contractor is alike, so be sure you choose a quality company for your AC repairs and installation. Always check online reviews and how long a company has been in business, so you know you can trust them to get the job done right.

While an AC contractor might recommend a certain model of air conditioner for your home, and advise against an undersized model, he or she should also have several choices available, to fit your house and your budget. He or she should work with every homeowner individually to choose the best option for their AC installation in Pearland, rather than pressuring you to buy the most expensive model, so you know you’ll be happy with that new AC for many years to come.

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