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Should You Opt for AC Repair in Pearland, TX, or Buy a New Unit?

July 10, 2020

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When you schedule AC repair in Pearland, TX, your HVAC technician might inspect your home’s air conditioner and then recommend buying a new unit altogether. Some homeowners might immediately dismiss this suggestion, assuming a Pearland HVAC company is just trying to make as much money as possible; however, this is rarely the case!

As with all home appliances, your home’s air conditioner will simply wear out one day, needing more repairs than you’re willing to pay for or that end up being costlier than a new Pearland HVAC system. On the other hand, even a somewhat expensive repair doesn’t necessarily mean it’s time for a new air conditioner. How do you make this decision and when is it time for a new air conditioner versus AC repair in Pearland, TX?

repairing a furnace in Pearland

Choose AC Repair in Pearland if There’s Lots of Life Left

An air conditioner has an expected lifespan, after which time its major parts will simply wear down and need replacing. All those parts together are probably just as expensive if not more so than an entirely new unit, which is why it’s good to invest in a new AC installation for a Pearland, TX, home if your current appliance is nearing or at the end of that lifespan.

However, even a major, costly AC repair in Pearland doesn’t necessarily mean that your AC unit needs replacing. You might invest a few hundred dollars now in your needed AC repairs and then enjoy a working air conditioner for several years. While most Texas residents run their air conditioner often throughout the year, if you’re not home during the day, prefer a bit warmer environment, or otherwise don’t put added wear and tear on your home’s AC unit, it might last longer than expected so that a new air conditioner isn’t necessarily needed.

If you’re not sure the expected lifespan of your home’s current air conditioner, ask your HVAC technician! Reputable HVAC companies in Pearland always begin all repair work with a full inspection, noting the overall condition of the appliance and if certain parts are showing signs of excess wear. Your repair technician might even point out major parts of the appliance including the motor, blower, and compressor coil, and note their condition so you know what to expect by way of future AC repair bills or a needed replacement.

Will Pearland AC Repair Provide the Cooling You Need?

If your home’s air conditioner doesn’t cool your home evenly or needs to cycle on repeatedly to keep your home comfortable, AC repair in Pearland might not be the answer. An undersized or underpowered unit isn’t able to push cool air throughout your entire home no matter its condition, and needed repairs won’t correct that situation!

air conditioning installation pearland tx

In some cases, a new furnace filter and adjustment of the unit’s blower and motor might allow enough cool air to reach every room of the home so that AC service in Pearland keeps the home comfortable again. If those repairs still don’t ensure sufficient cooling, however, it’s time to upgrade to a larger or more powerful air conditioner.

Consider Utility Costs With New HVAC in Pearland, Texas

In some cases, a new Pearland HVAC system might lower your home’s utility costs, as an energy-efficient model might provide the same cooling you enjoy today while using less energy overall. However, some upgraded HVAC systems might actually use more energy, increasing your costs! If you choose lots of added features with a new air conditioner or opt for a larger unit, this can mean increased energy bills over the years.

Only you can determine if added cooling or specialty features are worth those additional costs, but keep them in mind when choosing between AC repair in Pearland versus a new air conditioner installation. Your installation charges and price of that new unit are not the only costs you’ll incur over the years, so ensure you can afford to operate a new AC unit before deciding on its purchase!

Does Your Air Conditioner Need Help Cooling the Home?

If your home’s air conditioner struggles to provide all the cooling comfort you need, and you’re tempted to invest in a larger or more powerful unit, you might instead consider if the current appliance just needs a bit of help! For instance, you might add weather-stripping around doors and windows, to keep out heat and humidity and keep your home’s interior cool throughout the day. Sheers or film over the windows also help block hot sunlight, providing added comfort inside the home.

two HVAC technicians doing ac repair in Pearland

In some cases, a struggling air conditioner might also indicate that the home’s insulation needs upgrading or replacing. Old, degraded insulation lets out cooled air while letting in heat and humidity during summer months. New insulation means lower utility costs and a more comfortable interior environment as well as less wear and tear on your home’s air conditioning unit.

Will Regular AC Service in Pearland Extend the Life of Your Appliance?

Regular AC service in Pearland extends the life of most air conditioning units and reduces wear and tear on their major parts. Air conditioner maintenance includes cleaning the unit inside and out and ensuring proper airflow around the compressor housing, as well as cleaning the condensation drain hose. Regular AC service in Pearland also means oiling the bearings, ensuring moving parts avoid excess friction and wear.

Professional, consistent AC service in Pearland often extends the life of an air conditioner, reducing wear and tear and clearing away damaging dust and debris. An HVAC technician might also find and replace worn parts including belts and bearings, ensuring they continue to function and helping to avoid otherwise unnecessary air conditioning breakdown.

Consider regular tune-ups or maintenance when deciding between AC repair in Pearland or buying a new unit altogether. You might be able to keep your current air conditioner for several more years if you invest in needed repairs and then regular, professional service. These costs are often cheaper than that of a new AC unit altogether, making repairs the best option for your air conditioner!


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