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Why Receive AC Maintenance in Pearland? | Air Specialists

September 19, 2020

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If it’s been several years since you’ve scheduled AC maintenance for a Pearland home or business, or if you’ve never had this service performed on your HVAC system, it’s time to call air specialists near you! As with maintaining your vehicle, regular furnace and air conditioner maintenance ensure those appliances run as smoothly and efficiently as possible, while also avoiding an otherwise unnecessary breakdown.

Before you go another month or year without needed furnace, air filtration system, or AC maintenance for a Pearland home or business, you might consider what’s involved in this service and why it’s so valuable. You can then call a Pearland air specialist or HVAC contractor near you and discuss your options for keeping your residential or commercial system in good repair.

What’s Included in AC Maintenance in Pearland?

If you know a bit more about what’s included in a regular furnace and AC maintenance for a Pearland home or business, you might realize why it’s so vital! Most maintenance services start with a complete inspection of all the parts of your furnace, air conditioner, air filtration system, and other components in the HVAC system.

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Your HVAC repair contractor will note if small parts such as belts or bearings need replacing. He or she will also check the operation of the blower, which pulls warm air and pushes cool air through vents and ducts in the home; if the blower is failing, this typically means uneven cooling and excess wear and tear on the system, and the need for a replacement part.

Proper, thorough cleaning is also part of regular furnace and AC maintenance for a Pearland home or business. Those moving parts collect lots of dust and other debris, slowing them down and causing early wear and tear. Connectors are checked for needed tightening and bearings might be oiled as needed.

Because your home’s HVAC system communicates with the thermostat, it’s vital that wiring between those two pieces is in good condition. Regular AC maintenance for a Pearland home or business often includes a check of that wiring, ensuring it’s not frayed or worn, as well as calibrating the thermostat.

Air conditioning refrigerant doesn’t burn off, evaporate, or otherwise get “used up,” but leaks in the system can allow it to escape and especially when it’s in vapor form. Regular AC maintenance for a Pearland home or business typically includes a check of refrigerant levels; if those levels are low, it’s vital that leaks are found and patched and the system receive a refrigerant recharge.

Why Invest in Furnace and AC Maintenance in Pearland

Checking refrigerant levels and the condition of the HVAC motor and blower ensures that you will have heat and cooling comfort when needed, reducing the risk of your furnace or AC just seizing up on the hottest or coldest day of the year! However, regular maintenance also allows parts to move freely; in turn, they might use less energy to operate, which then lowers your utility costs.

When parts are cleaned, oiled, and otherwise maintained, they suffer less wear and tear as they operate. This can actually extend your HVAC system’s lifespan, reducing the number of times you might need to call for repairs or replacement! Your costs for furnace and AC maintenance for a Pearland home or business are then an investment in that system and can mean spending less on it over time.

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How Often Does Your Property Need AC Maintenance in Pearland?

Most homeowners and commercial property owners around the country find that semi-annual furnace and AC maintenance, meaning a service call every other year, is sufficient for their property. However, note that Texas heat often means that your air conditioner is in use far longer throughout the year than average and might run for more hours in the day than most AC units!

In turn, you might consider annual AC maintenance for a Pearland home or business. Yearly checks ensure your air conditioner is in good condition and ready to provide cooling comfort when needed. Maintenance also means less wear and tear on your unit and lower utility bills.

Older HVAC systems might also benefit from more regular maintenance calls, to check for worn parts and ensure major components are working as they should. The older the HVAC system, the more likely it is that those parts will soon break down and need replacing, so it’s vital you have your furnace and AC checked annually, to avoid having it seize up on the hottest day of the year and right when you need that air conditioner the most!

Why Avoid DIY AC Maintenance for a Pearland Home or Business

Furnace and AC maintenance for a Pearland home or business might not sound complicated, and homeowners especially might be inclined to try their hand at DIY cleaning and HVAC repairs. However, before you start taking off panels to your furnace or air conditioner or assume you can manage this task yourself, note why it’s best to call an air specialist in Pearland instead.

One vital consideration is that a trained HVAC repair contractor in Pearland will know how to check for worn or damaged parts as well as leaks in the hoses containing the system’s refrigerant. He or she is trained to spot signs of wear and to note when certain small parts need replacing, to keep the system running as it should.

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A homeowner especially should also note that many parts inside their residential HVAC system are sharp and otherwise dangerous! It’s easy to pinch a finger between moving parts or suffer cuts and other injuries when trying to reach bearings, dismantle hoses, and the like. While these injuries might not be catastrophic, it’s worth the cost of professional furnace and AC maintenance for a Pearland home or business if it means keeping you safe!

Note, too, that most HVAC systems have warranties that are sometimes voided if you attempt DIY repairs or maintenance! Improper repairs, using low-quality replacement parts, and other seemingly innocent mistakes can affect your HVAC system’s operation and efficiency, so manufacturers typically require professional installation, repairs, and AC maintenance for a Pearland home or business to keep that warranty in force.

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